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6 Benefits of Tea for Healthy Hair

Tea is a type of plant that can grow well in areas of altitude that cool air. Usually, tea is cultivated on plantations. This plant is usually processed into beverages. Young tea leaves are dried and then processed into powder. Tea has a variety of types. There is white tea, black tea, green tea, and chocolate tea. Tea is rich in antioxidants that can provide various benefits for the body. But it was not only that, tea can also provide other benefits. That’s why tea is widely used as a basic ingredient of care products. The benefits of tea that we will discuss this time is for hair. What are the benefits of tea for hair?

  1. Overcoming dandruff and scalp problems

Various types of hair care in the salon can be selected to overcome dandruff. But it certainly costs money. It turns out there are natural treatments that you can try yourself at home. One of them is by utilizing tea. The content of tannin substances in tea leaves has an anti-inflammatory function. Scalp problem that itch will make you tend to scratch it. This can make things worse when your scalp is injured. The wound can cause irritation. …