Overcoming Dangers of earbud headphones

Dangers of earbud headphonesThis generation have suffered tremendous ear loss arising as a result of loud music with earbuds headphone and exposing to a noisier environment for so long. Listening to music with earbud constantly is one of the key issue of ear problems. In most cases, symptoms might not be noticeable but over time the ear begins to deteriorate in hearing. That’s why Doctors warn that a steady onslaught of loud noise, particularly through ear buds, is damaging the hearing of a generation wired for sound. World Health Organization warned that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss because of personal audio devices, such as smartphones, ipod and so many other devices. Among today’s teen about 30 percent are suffering hearing loss because of everyday loud music. Earbuds is one of the major cases of hearing loss as the have almost a direct contact with the eardrum.

In as much as you feel you enjoy loud songs, you should bear in mind of the repercussion of loud music. Sound that is above 80Db (decibel) is likely to have your ear in due cause. The problem is not the earbud but I think it about the users. For teenagers, there should abstain from earbuds or maintain a recommended hearing volume to avoid ear danger. To be on a safe side, it is important to see a Doctor for ear checkup in other to know how you go about with your headset.

Experts say the best way to protect young ears is to apply the “60/60” rule: is to the keep the volume on the MP3 player under 60 percent and only listen for a maximum of 60 minutes a day. As people tend to increase the volume of their mp3 to a high side when there are in a noisy environment. It’s better to use an over ear headphone which the ear cover while keep you from external sound while you still enjoy music on low volume.

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Effect of bad shoes to your foot

Effect of bad shoesShoes are another fashion complement and a perfect way of protecting the foot from danger and other foot infections. Shoes contribute immensely to how you walk, and can make you feel sexy and stylish or they can also leave you wondering in pains if you are on the wrong footwear. Making a choice on your ideal footwear type must be critically examine, so that you won’t fall a victim of the bad effect accompanied by wearing wrong pair of shoes. This is applicable to men, women and even children; meaning that a certain shoe type can leave you in pains throughout your lifetime but that’s why we are here to educate you on the effect of wearing bad shoes. The leg bones undergo different sort of stress depending on the shoe type you have on your feet. That is why good walking boots or shoes is needed for perfect and easy movement daily without pains and discomfort.

Negative Effect of Shoes to the foot

Examination shows that different shoes have their own effect to the foot and it could really be dangerous if you are not away of them. Most comfortable and easy to break in shoes also have their own side effect to the foot. We will be looking some of the simple and easy to wear shoes with their own negative effect to the body.

Flip flop – when wearing your flip flop you’ll notice that it is your toe and the thin strap that help you to move with your flip flop while the arch remains dormant with little or no flexibility. This makes the muscle around that arch area weaken over because of lack of engagement in the movement process. Also when you are on your flip flop movement tend to be very slow. It is difficult to make full step which over time can develop into fatigue.

Flat shoes – Going on flat footwear can be fun and they seem to be the last resort when people thing about foot comfort. But on the other way flat shoes can be cause series of problems to the foot as well. This is because there lack internal support feature to help relax the ligament and tendon beneath the foot. When this ligament and tendon is over-stretched, it could arise to plantar fasciitis foot pains which is a serious foot pains infection at the arch. Be careful of flat shoes especially if you know you are flat footed and do not make them a constant wear day in day out.

High Heel – lot of women go on high heel because of the style and the platform presentation of your outfit. But high heel is accompanied with lots of negative effect if not worn with precaution. There are different inches of heels ranging from low of about 1.5” and above. Extreme high heels can lead to ankle dislocation or twisting, overstretching of the tendon if stood for long in one place and so many other foot pains. Beware of how often and the type of heel in general you patronize, so you won’t end up at the hospital.

In summary, to avoid diverse foot pains we should be knowledgeable about our shoe type and how often we have them on our foot. With an in-depth understanding avoiding some certain issues will be simple, therefore for quality support nursing shoes, concrete workers shoes, and athlete shoes and other job profile, look and read through reviews and care.

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