Ease of Buying Cannabis

Buying marijuana for medical purposes is already happening in some countries that legalize this, you can easily buy cannabis from licensed marijuana producers such as licensed producers Canada. Some places even sell marijuana served with food.

The sale of processed marijuana in the form of food is rife in the world since several countries legalize it. One of them is the country of Cambodia that has been selling this type of pizza a few years ago. Although in Cambodia alone the distribution of marijuana is still illegal, many cafes sell these processed foods by calling it Happy Pizza.

However, the pizza is not sold freely. The patient must have a medical alert card issued by the government as a sign that he is consuming marijuana as a treatment. Patients with the card will be allowed to bring the small pizza to take home.

In America, there are also places that sell cannabis pizza, if we usually consume pizza in warm conditions, but it is different from this one pizza. It turned out that this cannabis pizza was not sold in its usual form. However, it is packed in a frozen state, so customers must preheat it in a microwave or oven before eating. This small-sized pizza with a diameter of 15 cm is priced at 38 US dollars. This price is quite fantastic for the size of the pizza. Given that the initial purpose of this pizza is made for medicine, the fantastic price doesn’t matter.

The existence of pizza became popular. Usually, patients like litany sufferers, chronic diseases due to opioid addiction to chemotherapy side effects choose to consume these pizzas. The amount of marijuana in the pizza is said to be medium-sized enough to treat one person. So far, in a day there are about 200 to 400 patients who buy the pizza. You can also buy the cannabis for medical at medical dispensary.